Meet Dr Saad Saad: A Talented Pediatric Surgeon

Dr. Saad Saad is a highly experienced pediatric surgeon. He has a wealth of experience when it comes to extracting foreign objects from body parts such as trachea and windpipe. During his career, this pediatric surgeon has helped both young and old people from all walks of life remove objects stuck in body parts such as trachea and esophagus.

According to Dr. Saad Saad, kids are curious human beings and that is why they are always tempted to put foreign objects in their mouth and then swallow them. At times, these objects reach the stomach with either little or no complications at all. However, at times, these objects go down the windpipe or get trapped in the windpipe. Common symptoms of a trapped item include wheezing, trouble breathing, and trouble swallowing.

Some of the items that can get stuck when a child swallows them are coins, peanuts, and hot dogs. Hot dogs and coins are generally large objects and tend to get stuck within the food pipe. Peanuts are generally smaller objects and usually get stuck within the windpipe. Learn more about Dr. Saad Saad: and

If you suspect that a foreign object has stuck with the windpipe or food pipe of your child (less than six months) hold them with the head facing downwards and their legs upwards. The object is likely to come out if you tap on any section of their back.

If the aforementioned condition happens to an older child, stand behind them and then place their hands around their waist. Thrust any of your hands on the abdomen especially below their rib cage.

If you do this in the right manner, the child is likely to cough the item back out. If you perform the aforementioned procedure and the object does not come out, then rush to the nearest health center for help.

According to Dr. Saad Saad, if you notice that a child is actually in the process of swallowing a foreign object; don’t try to remove it using your finger. Doing so can result in myriad complications.

In fact, it can result in further blockage hence pushing the object further into the inner parts of the body of the affected child. Read more: Dr. Saad Saad Medical Missions and Life Lessons from Dr. Saad Saad, Pediatric Surgeon

If the condition is severe and the problem cannot be solved with any of the aforementioned simple procedures, the patient will need to go to an emergency room. Here, the specialist may choose to use an X-ray to help find out whether the object has been stuck within the Windpipe or the food pipe.

The problem with the use of X-ray is that it only helps detect just 50% of the items that get stuck. For instance, with help of an X-ray, a pediatric surgeon can clearly see a coin. However, it is not easy to see a peanut. If the X-ray shows nothing but the child has clear signs of stuck items, then the best procedure to perform is either esophagoscopy or bronchoscopy.

Hussain Sajwani Rises from Humble Beginnings and Becomes a Self-made Tycoon

Hussain Sajwani is an entrepreneur based in the United Arab Emirates. He specializes in real estate and the hospitality industry. Hussain Sajwani was born in 1956 in Dubai. He was outstanding since childhood as he excelled in both classwork and extracurricular activities. He won a government sponsorship to study Industrial Engineering and Economics at the University of Washington.

He developed an interest in catering while he was working with GASCO. Afterwards, he started a small catering business and worked hard until he launched an international company, Global Logistics Services. The company started getting contracts from major companies such as Betchel. Global Logistics services receive contracts to supply meals to U.S. armies in middle east countries.

Hussain Sajwani started venturing in real estate using the profits he obtained from his company. His approach was unique as he chose to invest in undeveloped areas that were not attractive to most people. He saw an opportunity where most people didn’t, thanks to the lessons from his economics classes.

Soon, the real estate attracted many foreigners after Dubai permitted foreigners to own property. This inspired Hussain Sajwani to establish DAMAC Properties, a property development and sales company. Hussain wanted to venture in off plan selling of property and use the profits to start real estate projects.

DAMAC Properties broke the records when their first tower, the Marina Terrace was sold in approximately one month. Hussain Sajwani managed to turn the undeveloped and poor neighborhoods to magnificent cities that attract global investors. Currently, DAMAC is one of the famous development companies in the United Arab Emirates. It has expanded its operations to the United Kingdom, Qatar, Lebanon, UAE, Saudi Arabia and Jordan.

The founder’s innate desire for tremendous growth and his great entrepreneurial spirit has contributed to the success of the company. DAMAC Properties has a great future. Recently, the company started working with Tiger Woods to design the Trump World Golf Course.

Besides his great work in the real estate industry, Hussain Sajwani is a devoted philanthropist. One of Hussain’s outstanding philanthropic work includes sponsoring the One Million Arab Coders Initiative meant to equip one million Arabs youths with software development skills.

Remembering the Great Works of Alastair Borthwick

Alastair Borthwick was a famous novelist and broadcaster who is widely known for the role he played during the pre-, and post-war times. He had rubbed shoulders with Scottish aristocrats and loved hiking and hill climbing. He also predicted the war from a soldier’s and captain’s perspective.

Early Childhood and Career Life

Alastair Borthwick was born in Troon, Ayrshire and only studied till high school when he dropped out to follow his career as a “Paperman.” He worked as a copytaker for the Evening Times, and soon he propelled to the Glasgow Weekly Herald. It was here that he discovered his passion for mountaineering.

In 1935, he moved to London and joined The Daily Mirror, but only worked there for a year. He got engrossed with running a press club and later BBC. Radio broadcasting seemed to have captured him, and it is where he excelled at. That was complemented by his great writing and expression skills. As a broadcaster, he blended his passion for climbing and broadcasting to host a mountaineering show.

His Contributions During the War

Alastair Borthwick was so fascinated with mountaineering that he decided to enroll in the army against Germany. He achieved higher ranks, becoming a captain after being an intelligence officer for a while. His troop was the 51st Island Division 5th Seafront Highlanders. By 1941, he was the 2nd lieutenant.

His move to the 5TH Seafront Highlanders in October 1944 marked a turning point in his life. As the war was about to end, he managed to lead about 600 war soldiers in the dark using maps that were entirely inaccurate. They were after German soldiers. When the enemies woke up, they were surrounded by the Seafront Highlanders’ dugouts.

Literary Works of Alastair Borthwick

While most people would stop writing about a single genre, Alastair Borthwick wrote two different books on different topics. First, he wrote “Always a Little Further” in 1939, which is a story of both humor and adventure. He depicts the decade he enjoyed climbing and meeting different people of different races.

The next was “Sans Peur” written in 1946. In the book, Alastair provides first hand detailed and graphic information about the untold occurrences of the war. His thorough recollection of the events earned the book great popularity and was republished under a new title: Battalion: A British Infantry Unit’s Action from El Alamein.”

Jingdong and Mitsubishi Value Both Quantity and Quality When it Comes to Produce

The largest retailer in China, Jingdong, has recently struck up a partnership with Mitsubishi Chemical, Japan’s own chemical manufacturing corporation. The partnership will result in’s opening of a plant factory; more specifically, the largest hydroponic operation in the country. The result will also include cutting edge technology combining with Jingdong’s existing infrastructure, which is already highly advanced and state-of-the-art.

The plant factory, at 11,040 square meters in size, is built to fully incorporate a system of hydroponic culturing. Artificial and solar light are used in a closed environment for seedling production. The factory is currently able to produce vegetables and herbs such as cabbage, lettuce (both red and green), coriander, and spinach, among others. The production will give the Jingdong consumers fresh, high-quality produce. Customers of will be enjoying food options that are nutritious, safe, and “green,” both online and in JD’s 7FRESH brick-and-mortar supermarkets.

Crop production involves tracking every item of produce from planting to delivery, indicating that the future in food production will allow for higher transparency in what the consumers are receiving. The Chinese population values food safety importance and pushes their companies to avoid overusing fertilizer and environmental deterioration which, along with their rapid increase in population, have all contributed to issues in China’s soil.’s new facility has automatic controls for temperature, light, humidity, and distribution of liquid fertilizer. The controls are operated by the management system and allow for produce production to be standardized throughout changes in the season; in addition, the overseeing of the indoor growth allows for higher quality produce than would be grown in the field. For example, facility-produced spinach will have more folate, vitamin C, potassium, and phosphorus than when grown outdoors. The technology and process also makes agrochemicals and pesticides essentially obsolete to the process.

In addition to these benefits, Jingdong’s hydroponic facility is able to yield the quality produce in greater volumes. Again using spinach as an example, the factory has the capacity to produce 19 batches in a year as opposed to four batches in a field or six in a greenhouse annually. JD’s infrastructure and logistics network is already integrated to the factory, allowing customers to receive food that was cropped that very day.

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Sheldon Lavin: The Successful Chairman and CEO of OSI Group

When registering for a course at the university, most people take so much time so that they can choose the best career that will suit them and their passions. There are however, few personalities who change the careers they choose in the future when they realize that they can prosper and even make a bigger impact in the community in different departments. Changing careers is not easy, especially when it is happening in a professional who have already established themselves in the market for a long time. Sheldon Lavin, however, has changed his careers, and he has done so well in his new role. Although he never went to the university to study about the food industry, the respected OSI Group leader is proud of where he is at the moment.

The food industry is one that is very sensitive, and many people do not like trying their luck in the department. Many years ago, when Sheldon Lavin was about to join the university, he was not interested in food, and he never took time to study a course that would focus on this area. The businessman, however, was sure that he was only making the kind of career he dreamt about when serving in finance. A finance degree is what he was looking for, and he got a university that helped him to become one of the best consultants in finance. Despite the hardships associated with the financial services department, Sheldon Lavin wanted to become the best. In a short time, his dreams come true. The businessman was offered employment posts by various companies, and he also formed his own company in the process. To know more about him click here.

When Sheldon Lavin started his consultation company in financial services, he experienced so much success, and he also got customers from all industries. The finance expert partnered with OSI Group during this time too, and this is how he got to the prestigious post of chairman and chief executive officer. The industry has benefited from the leadership and services offered by Sheldon Lavin since the first day he stepped in his office. The businessman has also become the envy of many investors with interest in food production.

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Steve Ritchie: A Determined Chief Executive Officer for Papa John’s

The pizza making industry is a viable business for entrepreneurs in the United States, and one of the largest pizza brands in the world – Papa John’s – is the product of hard work and perseverance. The company managed to expand their operations outside the United States in the 2000s, and because of their great tasting pizza, even the foreigners started to love it, and many other branches appeared around the globe. Papa John’s is known for their superb customer service, and they are being nominated each year to get the prestigious recognition for their service to the customers. Papa John’s have also entered the stock market as a tradable stock under the ticker symbol “PZZA,” and many people are buying shares from the company because of their known dominance in the pizza making industry.

Recently, Steve Ritchie was chosen to become the company’s next chief executive officer, and he promised that he would be leading the company in a new direction. One of his ideas to continue the company’s dominance in the industry would be the introduction of additional branches of stores, adding to the 5,000 existing Papa John’s stores worldwide. Steve Ritchie also stated that it is his responsibility to keep their customers happy, and he will be investing in programs that would train the employees to become more customer-centric, providing them with excellent services that would translate to good reviews.

Steve Ritchie Papa John’s started serving under his new position back in January 2018. So far, he managed to show the company’s board of directors that they made the right decision putting him in the leadership position. Steve Ritchie’s story on how he managed to climb the corporate ladder is inspiring, as he had to start at the very bottom, working as a phone crew for the company back when he was only 21 years old. Despite the low salary that he is receiving from the company, he never stopped dreaming of becoming promoted someday. His determination to succeed caught the attention of some of the company’s higher-ups and his wish of being promoted was granted. Steve Ritchie wanted to show the world that nothing is possible to someone who strives hard to reach their dreams.

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Jason Hope Using Preventative Medicine

The vast majority of people believe that the medical industry needs to change. As costs rise, fewer people have access to necessary healthcare opportunities. Jason Hope is a leader in the industry. He firmly believes that new technology will allow people to live longer and better lives.

Jason works with business owners across the country to fund their new business ideas. Using venture capital, he owns a portion of numerous companies. He is an excellent person to work with for multiple reasons. Not only is he passionate about helping others, but he has a ton of knowledge about medicine. Although Jason Hope does not have a medical degree, he has studied medicine for decades.

Located in Arizona, Jason Hope works with young students in his community. He enjoys partnering with students in high school and college on their business ideas. He specializes in investments in the technology industry. It is common for young people to have business ideas that they need capital for.

In many cases, Jason has invested money and lost it all. Losing money on a significant investment is something that comes with the territory of venture capital.

Giving Back to Arizona
Jason Hope is also committed to improving the lives of people around him. Jason partners with multiple charities in his community to help others. He believes that all children should have educational opportunities as they get older. Not only that, but he plans to increase his contributions in the coming years. Jason knows what it takes to make a difference for other people. He actively works with local politicians to get his ideas started.

Due to his work in the community, Jason has received multiple awards from community leaders. He plans to stay in Scottsdale for the rest of his life, and he is excited for what the future holds.

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An EOS Review Shows Why They are So Popular

EOS lip balms are the fun way to hydrate your lips. They are available in many flavors such as Vanilla Mint, Tangerine, and Pomegranate Raspberry and they’re a bargain at just $2.99. They’re also easy to pick up at your local drug store or favorite retailer. Even though many lip balms companies are beginning to raise the process on their products, EOS lip products are still very affordable.

They have also been around for quite some time, but they’re still pretty hot on the market and are in demand all over the world. They have many different products such as lip balms that are medicated and balms that offer SPF protection.

The unique egg shape of the little orbs makes them very unique as well as easy to fund in the bottom of any purse or gym bag. They are also easy to hold onto which makes them easy to apply as well.

They come in nifty little value packs as well so if you are trying them out for the first time and just aren’t sure where to start you can try out a few fun flavors to see which one will become your favorite.

You can read up on the different kinds and their newest items on their website. They have come out with some fun packs such as the Alice in Wonderland pack that includes the fun flavors of Vanilla, Blueberry, and Watermelon. They also offer packs of five different flavors so you will be able to try our t a few different kinds and you can also keep one pretty much everywhere that you want one. EOS lip balms are popular because it is a great product that works and is fun to use. Who would have thought that an everyday routine could be so fun?

Jeremy Goldstein Helps Society

Jeremy Goldstein is a lawyer who specializes in cases surrounding businesses. His work ranges from advising CEOs, to compensation issues, and beyond into transformative business events.

His academic degrees backup his astounding professional career, and has landed him a position among numerous broads in the field. A recent article on the website Patch describes a recent event with Jeremy Goldstein and his close business partners to raise money for a good cause.

There are many organizations to choose form, but Jeremy Goldstein choose to support The Fountain House at his recent Wine dinner. The goal of the organization is to support and rebuild the lives of individuals with mental conditions. It was founded in 1944, and has shown spread its activities across the country.

The organization as a middle man between the community and these individuals who need a push. Jeremy Goldstein on the bored of individuals who support The Fountain House. Due to his generous contributions, they have made great strides in achieving their goals.

Individuals with mental illness under the support of The Fountain House have seen substantial growth. The number of people who have a job and completed have risen exponentially. Read more: Jeremy Goldstein | Chambers and Partners

While nearly all members have a place to stay each night. They have achieved this growth under the foundations of promoting confidence, friendship, skill development, and employment growth with its members. The pride of helping others is something each and every member takes to heart. Learn more about Jeremy Goldstein: and

In the business world, leaders often support charities for monetary gain or status among competitors. However, Jeremy Goldstein takes a genuine interest in the activities of The Fountain House, and its positive impacts on society.

He is a well respected man in the courtroom with an undeniably strong record. While on the side, sponsoring events to help those less fortunate.

Whitney Wolfe Believes in Making Things Better for Women

Since starting Bumble, Whitney Wolfe created a lot of different opportunities for women. The app was the first time women truly gained control over the app dating world. It was also the first time a female CEO started an app dating company. Whitney Wolfe has big plans for making the app better in the future.

When women join Bumble, they get the chance to help others with the issues they have in the app dating world. It’s something Whitney Wolfe saw a lot of when she worked with other apps. The people had the chance to see what they could do and that’s what made things harder for them to get what they wanted. Women had to deal with men sending them unsolicited messages and it made things harder for them when they were in the dating world. They also had to deal with getting unwanted messages from men who weren’t really interested in dating. Bumble fixes this by making sure women are the only ones who can initiate contact. Read this article about Whitney Wolfe at The New York Times.

When Whitney Wolfe started the company, it was hard for her to make a name for herself. The industry has a lot of men in it. Many of the men don’t want to share with a woman. They also don’t want to continue allowing a woman to dominate the industry. Wolfe knows this and continues doing the best job as a CEO. Her company now competes with the top dating apps in the world because of the hard work she put into Bumble.

As things continue changing in the app dating world, Whitney Wolfe does what she can to make sure Bumble keeps up with those changes. She has lofty goals for the company she’ll keep going after no matter how hard it is. She also wants to branch out and allow Bumble the chance to be the top in the industry. Her goal of creating more options for women on the Bumble platform allows her to cater to more people. By doing all of this, Wolfe gives herself a chance to keep showing people even impossible things are easier with the help of motivation.