How PodcastOne is Transforming Advertising Industry

Norman Pattiz, the Chairman of PodcastOne together with the Vice President of Strategy at Edison Research Tom Webster, released the results of multiple studies conducted across five major platforms specializing in various categories of products.

This research was conducted during the last six months of 2016, and it revealed how consumers are influenced to buy products and services when using podcast advertising platform.

Three independent studies were conducted by the researcher, and they involved prominent brands that were focusing on launching new ad messages, while others were less prominent brands targeting to influence their presence on market. Learn more about Norman Pattiz:

Edison Research conducted several online surveys before and after running the podcast adverting campaigns, and they revealed that the audiences were more likely to consider those brands.

The objective of podcast advertising is to ensure there is an enhanced awareness compared to traditional modes of advertising. According to Tom Webster, the research was aimed at identifying the effect of podcast advertising among the leading brands.

Executive Chairman of PodcastOne

Norman Pattiz founded PodcastOne in 2013. He is also the owner of Courtside Entertainment and Westwood One. Under the leadership of Pattiz, Westwood One was recognized as one of the largest providers of entertainment, talk shows, sports and news in the American’s broadcasting industry. The company owned and distributed various radio programs including CBS News, NFL Football, CNN radio, March Madness, NCAA Basketball and others. In 2010, the executive founded Courtside Entertainment Group, and three years later he founded PodcastOne. The latter is a leading podcast advertising platform nationally.

Towards the end of Bill Clinton’s tenure as the President of the United States, Norman Pattiz was appointed to serve as a member of BBG. President Bush extended Pattiz’s contract in 2002. The BBG provides oversight role to several broadcasting stations including Radio Liberty, VOA, Radio Free Europe and others.

PodcastOne’s executive also initiated the launching of Arabic TV and radio services in several Middle East countries targeting more than 40 million audiences. Besides his big role in the broadcasting industry, Mr. Pattiz serves as the chairman and member of various organizations.

Lori Senecal, Global CEO of CP+B Set to Step Down

According to Adweek, Lori Senecal is a prominent USbased business leader. Lori Senecal has an experience of more than two decades in the world of business and finance. When she was still in college, she wanted to become the most interacted business leader in the world. For this reason, she worked hard to graduate with the highest honors in business. During the time when the company decided to develop fast income, Lori Senecal activated his business deals to develop an intimidating business experience for other companies. Her achievements in the business world have gone a long way in motivating other women to take up business leadership roles in multi-million corporations.

Over that past one century, women have refused to take part in business and leadership roles because they fear that they are not the best deal in the anticipated business. Lori Senecal is one of the most experienced individuals seeking fast money in a manner that is not paralleled in the business industry. For those who are willing to attain a better management position, no one knows how to develop this business more than those who need fast income generated through anticipated business leadership roles. Lori Senecal has also continued to advance in business through her leadership in the Global CP+B Company based in the United States.

During the time when she was joining the company, it acceded as a low-class business in the United States. She, therefore, decided to prove the board that they were right to elect him as the next CEO of the company. She worked hard through the development of strategies and innovation in a way that has no solution in the industry. For all that time in the country, Lori Senecal developed fast income to activate better business solutions. Lori Senecal is also considered as the best business leader in the United States.

Senecal has started the idea of developing the next generation of women business leaders. During that time, she also stated that she would take the time to develop the most sophisticated business ideas in a way that is not anticipated in the business and credit world.

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A Look at Services Rendered by Equities First Holdings

Equities First Holding (EFH) is a leading loan provider. It was established in 2002. Over the years, the firm has attained significant growth. EFH recently recorded a growth of $40 million in stock-based loans. The company is ranked as one of the fastest growing businesses in the U.S. They render services to high net worth individuals and enterprises that require non-purpose capital. Equities First has made more than 650 successful transactions since 2002. These transactions amount to over $1.4 billion.

Equities First Holding uses stocks, treasuries, and bonds as collateral to offer alternative finance sources to clients. To secure a loan with the firm, you need to have a certain amount of inventory. You’ll have to submit stocks, which will be used as working capital. When signing up for a stock-based loan, you don’t need to state the intended purpose of the funds because the loan has a non-purpose clause. Hence, you can do anything with the money including settling debts, expanding your business and paying your mortgage. In addition, EFH returns the collateral to the borrower at the end of the loan period. The client also keeps all the dividends.

During the harsh economic crisis, financial institutions increase their interest rates and minimize the amount of money they lend to borrowers. Equities First realized that there was an increased intake of stock-based loans during the harsh economic crisis. Moreover, they realized that people prefer to work with companies that portray the actual nature of the financial industry. This is why they offer unique financial solutions to clients. The company’s loans have great terms such as lower interest rate.

Equities First has achieved a lot in the past decade, and you can still expect more from them. They’ve managed to maintain low interest rates, even during tough economic times. The company has offices in Hong Kong, Australia, Singapore, the U.K and other countries around the world. The firm’s mission is its primary source of motivation. They strive to offer excellent benefits with minimal risks. Additionally, they intend to deliver the desired results of their clients. EFH credits its success to transparency and integrity and read full article.

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Capital Group’s Top Man

In recent news, the great Warren Buffett himself has been proven wrong in attempts to wager $1 million to charity on betting that he can achieve better investments returns then a team of hedge fund managers through investing in S&P 500 funds for passive index uses. The resulting bet is to be decided this year though Mr. Buffett proves to be ahead of the game. According to Mr. Buffett, there’s too many mediocre and inexpensive funds that are currently shortchanging numerous investors. Although he commits to low-cost, simple investments and long-term solutions, his approach of bottom-up investing has seemed to work for many years. He likes to invest and stay invested.

In a recent shareholder’s letter, he offers wisdom based on his numerous years of experience. CNBC also notes that product labels should be watched out for as is the case in any such industry. Numerous mutual funds offer mediocre or poor long-run returns due to high management fees with excessive trade while volatility risks and costs return.

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Timothy Armour currently serves as Chairman of Capital Group Companies, CEO of Capital Research and Management Company, Inc., and likewise Chairman of the Capital Group Companies Management Committee. He’s also an equities portfolio manager with more than 30 years of investment experience through Capital Group. Years prior, Mr. Tim Armour served as an Equity Investment Analyst for Capital and covered global telecommunications within U.S. service companies. He studied Economics at Middlebury College.

In regards to the Post-Trump market change, Armour comments

“The market has signaled, voted and is running with it. These things are huge and profound, and one has to decide whether you believe it…I think it’s real . . . interest rates have been declining pretty much for my whole career, and my guess is that we’ve seen the bottom.”

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Bruce Levenson Sues

The life of Bruce Levenson is one of great success in turning around an NBA team. However, he actually had a lot of success in business before he even purchased the team, reveals He is excited about all of the changes that are going on in the industry, and he wants to make sure that he is ready and willing to take on the next challenge in life. Although he is not with the team any longer, he is still embattled in a lawsuit with an insurance company from his time on the team. Bruce Levenson is ready to move on with his life and start doing other things.


When the UCG chairman Bruce Levenson bought the Atlanta Hawks, a lot of people through that he had lost his mind. He is one of the leading people in this area, and he is always excited about what is going to happen when he makes a big business investment. He thought that the team was a good deal for what he was getting. At the time, the team was losing a lot of games and a lot of money at the same time. Bruce Levenson decided to invest in the team and the local community as well. He did this by upgrading the roster on the team, and he made sure that he was going to continue to do so in the future.

Next Steps

In the coming years, Bruce Levenson wants to make sure that he is looking for ways to make a positive impact in the lives of others in many areas. With all of the changes that are starting to take place in his area, he is excited about what the future holds. Not only that, but he wants to make sure that other people are there for him when times get tough.

Immense Help Provided By Securus Technologies To Prisons

The inmates calling facilities being provided by Securus Technologies is revolutionizing the incarceration environment completely. In fact, the facilities are able to improve public safety this way.



I was informed by Securus Technologies about what their customers say about making use of technology to solve and even to prevent crimes from taking place. These refer to the inmate-on-inmate crimes also.



I went through the comments that pour in from formal letters along with emails to Securus Technologies. These are from jail, and prison officials and they come from all across the United States. The senders are those officials whose job is to prevent crimes in prisons as well as solving them. They have to make the incarceration environment better and much safer for all.



I read about how new products and services being developed by Securus Technologies is aiding law enforcement. These are helping the corrections officials to solve as well as prevent crimes from taking place.



Securus Technologies is always ready to inform and educate their clients about what they are doing or developing in order to keep the community, inmates, their families, as well as the parolees safe.



Building safety is the biggest priority for Securus Technologies. They focus on protecting and on serving their clients in innovative ways.



The customers of Securus Technologies appreciate the assistance which they get in criminal cases. They are using information which is collated from phone calls being made by inmates or to inmates. This has also helped in obtaining search warrants for cases of corruption on account of contraband and so on. Hence many cases have been solved this way.



The prison officials need to monitor calls. These may contain information pertaining to alcohol use, or selling of drugs and even drug use inside the facility. Other calls refer to access to a cellular device, or threats and such other suspicious conversation regarding money that is being transferred.