Shafik Sachedina Inspiring Career Life

Shafik Sachedina is a man who currently commands a lot of respect in the entire world. The businessman is currently living in the UK, but he has managed to impact so many lives in the world.

When Shafik Sachedina was born in Tanzania more than six decades ago, his parents did not have an idea that their son was going to become a leader in the global platform. However, they were ready to educate their son and ensure that he lived the life he wanted. When Sachedina was still very young, his family relocated and settled in Britain, and this opened new opportunities for the young boy who was very hard working in school.


When growing up, Shafik Sachedina’s parents realized that their son was very generous, and he was happy when working to help the people that were around him. His grades at school were out of this world too. By the time he was completing his secondary studies, Shafik Sachedina had already decided that he was going to become a doctor. The medical profession, however, is not a walk in the park. The few people who are fortunate to persevere in this department must be extremely hard working so that they can successfully complete their medical studies and later on start working. Shafik Sachedina chose to become a dental surgeon, a profession he is very proud of. Sachedina worked so hard in school, and he managed to graduate with a degree from one of the leading medical schools in the entire world, University of London.

While working in the medical world, Sachedina got the satisfaction he has been looking for. The dental surgeon was able to perform so many successful surgeries to patients, giving them the assistance they needed. His career in this area was very profitable, and this is why he chose to invest in the medical department so much. With the help of other individuals, Sachedina started a medical facility that is known as Sussex Healthcare.

When the company was being founded, the founders did not know how the future was going to be. Sachedina knew that there were many people who needed a facility where they could take their loved ones who had mental disabilities. Sachedina had also noted that people who were old were the most affected by mental conditions such as dementia, and this is why he decided to offer his support. Several years later, Sachedina and the team in Sussex Healthcare can only look back and smile because of the amount of success they have achieved.


Dick DeVos and the World of Change

Dick DeVos doesn’t let go of the things he wants very easily. Betsy DeVos doesn’t, either. They’re a highly recognized American couple who come from Michigan. They’ve been considerable figures in the political sector for many years. Dick has a strong background in the business world. He was the top executive at Amway Corporation for close to 10 full years. His wife now is the Secretary of Education. They’ve both made regular and substantial donations to all types of things for many years now as well.


President Donald Trump selected Betsy to be the Secretary of Education for his administration. President Trump indicated that her chose her due to her advocacy regarding educational choice. This lady wants educational choice to be something that more people hear about and understand all of the time. She has been in contact with so many American families. She has seen so many families in the nation suffer the consequences of nonexistent educational choice. Education in the United States often centers around where families live. It, as a result, doesn’t leave families that don’t have financial resources with many options at all.


Dick DeVos thinks about educational system reform all of the time. The subject is among his largest and most pressing concerns. It means so much to him that he even made the effort to launch an aviation charter high school not too long ago. The international airport in Grand Rapids, Michigan is home to this institution.


DeVos is a man in his early sixties. His wife is a woman in her late fifties. They both have a lot of experience being alive. They’ve been part of businesses of all kinds. They’ve orchestrated the existence of charitable foundations that endorse all kinds of major causes and missions. They’ve raised successful children. They’ve been to school. Although they’re both undoubtedly seasoned veterans in life, they still maintain a youthful level of energy. Change matters to them. They don’t pretend they don’t notice the things that disturb their sensibilities. It doesn’t matter if they’re paying attention to education in the nation. It doesn’t matter if they’re focusing on the arts, on aviation or anything else. All that matters is that they stick to the things that resonate with them. They don’t ever restrict themselves to certain topics, either. Dick concentrates on things that involve large cities and smooth sailing. He concentrates on art and youth. His wife does, too.


Dick DeVos feels highly protective about the things that are familiar and precious to him. Michigan is a place he thinks of as his home. He wants to keep Grand Rapids safe and pleasant for all of the people who live and work there. He wants to defend the city from potential trouble as well. That’s exactly why he didn’t give his okay to the building of a big convention hall in the early nineties. That’s exactly why it was so critical at the time for him to make sure that everyone was aware of his questions. DeVos always means business.


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Rodrigo Terpins and his Success Stories behind the Wheels and the Investment World

Rodrigo Terpins is a role model for every Brazilian considering his success behind the wheels and the investment world. He is regularly seen on the major rally tracks of the country as well as across the world. Rodrigo Terpins is part of Bull Sertões Rally Team as a member and rider and made significant achievements on the tracks in several championships. He regularly participates the Sertões Rally and even attended the June 2017 competition. The off-road race that covered nearly 2,600 kilometers distance in two states saw Terpins seizing the 8th position in the Prototypes T1 category.

The drive with the co-pilot, Fabrício Bianchini, and the overall 8th position was considered as an excellent performance considering there were 38 competitors. Terpins, who is aged at 44, achieved something imaginable by most others in a race that covers seven stages. Interestingly, the pair drove the car number 326 to achieve the promising result. While talking about the ride, Rodrigo Terpins said that the 22nd edition of the ride was a pleasant, one and the team had totally ten vehicles to ride. He also added that the team effectively put their 100% to ensure promising results from the track. Check out Odiario to see more.

Interestingly, Rodrigo Terpins was participating various championships from 2002 and created his own stature on the tracks. Interestingly, Terpins’ family is highly passionate about sports as his father, Jack Rodrigo Terpins was a prominent basket player in the 1960s and 70s. Currently, Jack is collaborating with many sports committees in their administrative roles. He is also acting as the president of the Jewish Council of Latin America. Even the brother of Rodrigo Terpins, Michel Terpins, is one of the most-heard names on the Brazilian track. Michel is the current champion of the Cross Country Rally Championship of Brazil.

While coming to Rodrigo Terpins, he also grabbed significant success in the entrepreneurial and investment career. Currently, he is assuming as the Director of the family venture, T5 Participações, a prominent holding firm of different non-financial sector investments. During the initial years of his career, Terpins collaborated with Marisa S.A., a leading fashion departmental store network in Brazil, as the Director of Operations.

Samuel Strauch Speaks On Careers And Social Responsibility

A graduate of Hofstra University in Hempstead, New York, Samuel Strauch founded Metrik Real Estate in 2002. Having earned his undergraduate degree in business, Samuel Strauch used his education to become a frequent investor in various internet and restaurant businesses as well.
Strauch also studied at Erasumus University in Holland and Harvard University in Cambridge. He gained experience working at his family’s real estate agency in South Florida before starting Metrik. There he holds the value that each team member must see their own habits and passions reflected in the jobs they perform in some way. To do this, he organizes team outings and trips in order for every one of his employees to get to know each other.
Samuel Strauch himself has been known to hold hobbies in various art and photography fields. His views on an individual’s career path include finding an occupation that is complementary to his or her daily life. “At one time, people were taught that they were meant to attend college, work for several decades, retire and enjoy their golden years. My personal discovery was that people did not need to follow these precise directions for how to live their lives,” he said in an interview with
With Metrik, Samuel Strauch aims to run a business that sees its social responsibility and strives to provide that for its community and more along the way, whether it be through new educational opportunities, raising money for charities, or organizing community actives to boost involvement within the community.

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