Rodrigo Terpins and his Success Stories behind the Wheels and the Investment World

Rodrigo Terpins is a role model for every Brazilian considering his success behind the wheels and the investment world. He is regularly seen on the major rally tracks of the country as well as across the world. Rodrigo Terpins is part of Bull Sertões Rally Team as a member and rider and made significant achievements on the tracks in several championships. He regularly participates the Sertões Rally and even attended the June 2017 competition. The off-road race that covered nearly 2,600 kilometers distance in two states saw Terpins seizing the 8th position in the Prototypes T1 category.

The drive with the co-pilot, Fabrício Bianchini, and the overall 8th position was considered as an excellent performance considering there were 38 competitors. Terpins, who is aged at 44, achieved something imaginable by most others in a race that covers seven stages. Interestingly, the pair drove the car number 326 to achieve the promising result. While talking about the ride, Rodrigo Terpins said that the 22nd edition of the ride was a pleasant, one and the team had totally ten vehicles to ride. He also added that the team effectively put their 100% to ensure promising results from the track. Check out Odiario to see more.

Interestingly, Rodrigo Terpins was participating various championships from 2002 and created his own stature on the tracks. Interestingly, Terpins’ family is highly passionate about sports as his father, Jack Rodrigo Terpins was a prominent basket player in the 1960s and 70s. Currently, Jack is collaborating with many sports committees in their administrative roles. He is also acting as the president of the Jewish Council of Latin America. Even the brother of Rodrigo Terpins, Michel Terpins, is one of the most-heard names on the Brazilian track. Michel is the current champion of the Cross Country Rally Championship of Brazil.

While coming to Rodrigo Terpins, he also grabbed significant success in the entrepreneurial and investment career. Currently, he is assuming as the Director of the family venture, T5 Participações, a prominent holding firm of different non-financial sector investments. During the initial years of his career, Terpins collaborated with Marisa S.A., a leading fashion departmental store network in Brazil, as the Director of Operations.

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