How Securus Acquired GovPayNet

GovPayNet has been one of the best features for government debit and credit payment system. They allow their customers to speedup the amount of time it takes to transmit payments. Surprisingly, the Securus Technologies network has acquired GovPayNet, and add their technology to their network. Securus will make it possible for inmates, and their families to have a safe way to process their payments. Securus expects GovPayNet to remain one of the largest payment processing networks under their leadership. You can learn more about their new acquisition from Business Wire News online or from their website.


The new technology is expected to launch in a few months. This operative coincides with their with their crime prevention model says, Rick Dickens, their current CEO, and business professional. Securus is using their original surveillance and monitoring technology to continue to keep their network safe. He has been able to help his customers become a part of their design model with a customer feedback forum. You can find many affordable features, and services preferred and crafted by their loyal customers. Securus operates on a global scale with over 300,000 customers nationwide. Enjoy descriptive tab access that allows you to choose your features.


Securus Technologies Features


Inmate Photos


Send up to five facility approved photos to an inmates state issued id number. The pictures must first be approved by a correctional facility to be retrieved by an inmate.


Kiosk Access


The kiosk system feature gives inmates access to technology being used outside a correctional facility. Inmates have access to their commissary account 24 hours a day. They can order products and it reduces the amount of facility paperwork.


Go directly to the Securus Technologies website for more details on becoming a value part of their network today.


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