Rocketship Education Prepares Students for Academic Success

Rocketship consists of a group of charter schools that gives free education to students in elementary school grades. These schools were based out of San Jose, California. The majority of students are eligible for the free lunch program and three fourths of the students primarily speak a language other than English. The schools are located in underserved communities.

Students at Rocketship are provided a structured classroom environment. Students have breaks which allow them to address personal tasks such as go to the restroom. Additionally, there is quiet time for students to allow these elementary school students to rest during the day. The learning environment is based upon the training the teachers received. These policies provide a learning environment that focuses on achievement. The unique environment of each school provides students with a setting that addresses their needs as individuals. Technology is emphasized by Rocketship and students use five programs throughout the day to assist them with various subjects. At Rocketship, students spend time working on computers, spend time with their teachers, and receive interventions.

Rocketship schools are located throughout the United States. These public schools provide students with an education that consists of learning in key areas each day, which include science, technology, engineering , and math (STEM), humanities, enrichment, and learning lab. Students are provided an education that is focused on their needs as individuals. Teachers work to assist students with reaching their potential. Rocketship schools strive to provide students with a high quality education and works to eliminate the disparity in the type of education that is received by students who are not from affluent families.

Parents are active participants in each of the Rocketship schools. They assist in providing a unique environment for each of the schools and select a core value that is specific to their school. Additionally, parents help name the school their children attend. The leaders and teachers visit the homes every fall to develop an awareness of the lives of each student outside of the classroom environment.

OSI Food Solutions has Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner Covered

OSI Food Solutions is one of the leading food producing companies in the world. The company was founded in 1909 by one man who ran the business as a local butcher shop for many years. Nearly 110 years later, their production and distribution facilities operate in many countries. The company is currently staffed by over 20,000 employees.

It is a privately held American company and operates out of its headquarters in Aurora, Illinois. OSI Food Solutions was primarily a meat-based product distributor for many decades. They distribute products and solutions to the food service industry. Their ready to cook, fresh or frozen meat products such as burgers, patties, nuggets, strips, pre-cooked franks, and more help to make food preparation convenient end simple for their customers. The company serves some of the largest food retailers, including Burger King, McDonald’s, Starbucks, Pizza Hut, Subway, and Papa John’s Pizza. Food production for the company now goes well beyond meat, and it includes vegetables, fruits, breads and dough, and assorted condiments. They are equipped to supply the vast majority of food products required by their customers.

OSI Food Solutions has largely expanded its global operations over the course of the last several years. The company has acquired food production companies such as Flagship Europe, Baja Foods, and a Tyson Foods chicken distribution facility. The acquisitions have helped enable OSI Food Solutions to reach its goal of broader European expansion. Additionally, the US based purchase of the Tyson facility has resulted in the company doubling its chicken production that was another corporate goal set by the management team.

The two top level executives of OSI Food Solutions are Chairman and CEO Sheldon Lavin and President and COO David G. McDonald. Other key leaders include CFO and Executive Vice President Bill Weimer, Uwe Rößler, Managing Director, and Senior Vice President Brent Afman.

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Freedom Checks Might Be Your Ticket to Retirement

The natural gas and oil companies that make up Master Limited Partnerships are expected to bee big profits this year after the new tax plan was passed that allowed them some significant tax breaks. When these companies pay out the $34.6 billion they are expected to distribute next month, their investors in the United States are expected to be able to enjoy their share of the higher profits. Some of these companies are showing considerably larger returns when compared to other investments with similar levels of risks, as high as 13%.

Matt Badiali has been sharing his knowledge about this interesting type of investment by introducing the concept of Freedom Checks to the world. While the official name for this type of investment isn’t actually Freedom Checks, it’s a catchy label created by the investment expert and geologist Matt Badiali. Freedom Checks are received every quarter and in some cases even every month by people who have chosen to invest into a Master Limited Partnership. These investors can choose to put as little as just $10 into a company in order to start seeing the benefits, but they can also choose to put in as much as they want. With this type of investment, the Freedom Checks are being sent out to the investors because they actually become an owner of a part of the company and thus are entitled to receive part of the profits themselves.

A lot of people are asking why Master Limited Partnerships are willing to send out these considerable checks so often and the answer is relatively simple. By paying out their profits to their many investors in a timely manner, they don’t have to pay taxes on the money that is distributed. They get to control where their money goes. In recent years, oil has not been imported from other countries in the amounts that it used to be, which means that the American oil industry is seeing a considerable boom right now. Matt Badiali expects these Master Limited Partnerships to continue at the impressive rates similar to the ones that they are seeing now.

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