Rocketship Education Prepares Students for Academic Success

Rocketship consists of a group of charter schools that gives free education to students in elementary school grades. These schools were based out of San Jose, California. The majority of students are eligible for the free lunch program and three fourths of the students primarily speak a language other than English. The schools are located in underserved communities.

Students at Rocketship are provided a structured classroom environment. Students have breaks which allow them to address personal tasks such as go to the restroom. Additionally, there is quiet time for students to allow these elementary school students to rest during the day. The learning environment is based upon the training the teachers received. These policies provide a learning environment that focuses on achievement. The unique environment of each school provides students with a setting that addresses their needs as individuals. Technology is emphasized by Rocketship and students use five programs throughout the day to assist them with various subjects. At Rocketship, students spend time working on computers, spend time with their teachers, and receive interventions.

Rocketship schools are located throughout the United States. These public schools provide students with an education that consists of learning in key areas each day, which include science, technology, engineering , and math (STEM), humanities, enrichment, and learning lab. Students are provided an education that is focused on their needs as individuals. Teachers work to assist students with reaching their potential. Rocketship schools strive to provide students with a high quality education and works to eliminate the disparity in the type of education that is received by students who are not from affluent families.

Parents are active participants in each of the Rocketship schools. They assist in providing a unique environment for each of the schools and select a core value that is specific to their school. Additionally, parents help name the school their children attend. The leaders and teachers visit the homes every fall to develop an awareness of the lives of each student outside of the classroom environment.

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