A Company With A Soaring Vision

NexBank Capital, Inc., a leader in financial services, has indelibly become a company with a soaring vision. The Dallas headquartered company just effectively closed a $54 million private note investment venture. The deal took place on September 19th, 2017. Nexbank will insightfully use profits from the venture to deepen its prevalent business infrastructure.

NexBank has accumulated $283 million of debt and equity since 2016. This is a direct result of their recent investment agreement. The investment notes carry quality ratings of BBB with proficient performance outlooks per Kroll Bond Rating Agency-a nationally recognized rating organization. These notes are defined as unregistered securities and were handled by a reputable sole placement agency.

Nexbank Capital, Inc. originated in 1934 in Terrell, Texas. Over the years, the financial institution’s organization has evolved from a Mutual Savings Bank to a Stock Savings Bank. The company strategically organized itself under the alignment of its stockholders. They started as Terrell Federal Savings and Loan Association, then changed its name to Heritage Saving Bank, SSB in 1999. Heritage Bank moved its headquarters to Dallas, Texas in 2004, then ultimately changed its name to NexBank, SSB. It hails as the 11th largest financial institution in Texas.

NexBank offers services to three different business platforms. These include Mortgage Banking, Institutional Banking, and Commercial Banking. Although NexBank provides excellent service capabilities to personal clients, they keenly specialize in servicing business and commercial customers. The clientele consists of, but are not limited to other financial institutions, businesses, and corporations, large non-financial corporations, as well as financial services firms of various size.

Nexbank has a clear vision to help the community as well as to broaden their reach as a thriving business. This is indicative of their commitment to partner with Dallas Neighborhood Homes to help disadvantaged citizens gain home ownership in Southern Dallas. The company has acquired two more brick and mortar locations in Dallas Texas, and have acquired the College Savings Bank. This bank manages 529 student savings programs. The business transaction creates a footprint in the Princeton New Jersey region. It establishes College Savings Bank as a division under the NexBank umbrella, keeping all operational aspects intact. Nexbank expanded its banking portfolio by offering its existing customers an avenue to sound college savings for their families. NexBank looks forward to strong growth and many other sustainable successes in the not too distant future.