Wildlife and Environmental Conservation by Wild Ark

Wild Ark is a company that works towards conserving the environments and the ecosystems that harbor wildlife. This organization was established by a team of environmental conservationists led by a beautiful couple, Sophie, and Mark Hutchinson. This team has explored the various natural habits all over the world with the help of their travel agencies. Their movements around the world are inspired by their urge to eradicate the human activities that have invaded the earth’s most precious wild places.


Their mission is to conserve and protect wildlife while educating people on ways on how to protect these precious gifts of nature. Eco-tourism has been the pillar that their organization is rooted on to achieve their goals. They have as well partnered with other organizations dedicated to wildlife conservation worldwide.


Wild Ark has created a program called The Ocean Agency that works in collaboration with other organizations to control pollution in sea and ocean waters. They also work towards protecting sea life from excessive fishing done by the community around these waters hence depleting these natural resources. This agency was founded back in the year 2010 by Richard Vevers. So far they have come up with technological advances that have helped in monitoring the activities that take place under the waters. This movement has helped in protecting the world’s great seas from adverse human activities.


Jennifer McGowan who is one of the scientists working at Wild Ark has developed strategies that help in conserving the ranges and parks which have been the new homes for the wild animals. Some of these wild animals include elephants, rhinos, and even lions. These animals have suffered from forest fires and even poaching from the communities living around the forests. Wild Ark has traveled to countries such as Zimbabwe where they have formulated laws against poachers who have been exploiting Zimbabwean elephants for their tusks and hoofs. These regulations have impacted on the reduction of human activities that somehow deplete these rich ecosystems.

Wild Ark has also conserved various forests in Australia and even their waters against pollution from industries and households around them. Indeed they have contributed chiefly to environmental and wildlife conservation. Learn more: https://au.pinterest.com/wild_ark/