Sawyer Howitt: Next Racquetball Star?

Sawyer Howitt is a second semester senior. He is an entrepreneur and racquetball player. He made it to two racquetball championships, but unfortunately he hasn’t won either one. He is the son of the creator of the Meriwether Group.

The group is a trusted advisor and business acceleration firm serving entrepreneurs of iconic, disruptive consumer brands. People have projected that Sawyer Howitt will be a national racquetball player, because although he lost his two championships, he is a really good racquetball player. He is strongly affiliated with the Racquetball Club of Portland, Oregon. The racquetball club is a private club located in the west hills of Portland. Before Sawyer Howitt joined the racquetball club, he had played for the racquetball team from his high school, Lincoln.

Sawyer Howitt also loves photography, check out some of his work here >>

Sawyer Howitt had improved his skills on his high school team and won many matches he had played for the high school team. People think Sawyer has the potential to represent the nation on the Men’s racquetball team and even get to the point that he would be one of the best racquetball players in the world. Right now though Sawyer Howitt just plays at the Racquetball Club of Portland sometimes with two of his classmates that were 2015 doubles finalists.