Samuel Strauch Speaks On Careers And Social Responsibility

A graduate of Hofstra University in Hempstead, New York, Samuel Strauch founded Metrik Real Estate in 2002. Having earned his undergraduate degree in business, Samuel Strauch used his education to become a frequent investor in various internet and restaurant businesses as well.
Strauch also studied at Erasumus University in Holland and Harvard University in Cambridge. He gained experience working at his family’s real estate agency in South Florida before starting Metrik. There he holds the value that each team member must see their own habits and passions reflected in the jobs they perform in some way. To do this, he organizes team outings and trips in order for every one of his employees to get to know each other.
Samuel Strauch himself has been known to hold hobbies in various art and photography fields. His views on an individual’s career path include finding an occupation that is complementary to his or her daily life. “At one time, people were taught that they were meant to attend college, work for several decades, retire and enjoy their golden years. My personal discovery was that people did not need to follow these precise directions for how to live their lives,” he said in an interview with
With Metrik, Samuel Strauch aims to run a business that sees its social responsibility and strives to provide that for its community and more along the way, whether it be through new educational opportunities, raising money for charities, or organizing community actives to boost involvement within the community.

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