How JHSF became successful under Zeco Auriemo

Zeco Auriemo is the Chairman and the CEO of JHSF. He joined the company as a teenager and had acquired the market knowledge before moving to the executive position. Zeco displayed leadership skill as a teenager when he entered the International Youth Coexistence that took place in Japan and when he was in Europe practicing horse riding.

At 17, Jose Auriemo Neto better known as Zeco was working at JHSF parking sector and joined a University in Sao Paulo to study Engineering at the same time. He later left the university and decided to follow his dreams of growing the family business. In the mid-1990s, JHSF moved to be a corporation that represents 90 percent of the net profits made by the company today. During Zeco’s tenure, JHSF was able to develop projects in Sao9 Paulo, Manaus, and Salvador as well the Punta del Este project commencement.

During the early 2000s, Mr. Zeco Auriemo spotted the ability of the incorporation that mainly focused on high income, a rapidly growing market in the country’s main cities. He then laid a strategy that helped the company invest in the Marginal Pinheiro’s region where it developed a multifunctional project in an 80,000 square meters of land. Despite many considering the investment a precarious venture, Zeco Auriemo did not give up as he mobilized the JHSF resources to complete the construction. After completion, the project had residential buildings, academies, luxurious shopping malls, and much more. The projects generated a lot of profits for JHSF that caused a milestone step when it led to trading in the Sao Paulo Stock Exchange.

Despite having a successful career, Zeco Auriemo has created a great family with Mariana Landmann Uriemo who is an administrator, and together they have two children. Zeco Auriemo also participates in sports where he plays golf, a game that he dreamt of playing.

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