Why Is OSI Industries A Top 100 Company?

Being a top 100 company means that you’re in the upper echelon of your class. Companies that are considered to be labelled as top 100 are basically outperforming most of its competitors no matter the field of work. These companies are very successful, are very efficient and are very progressive in their actions. OSI Industries personifies this notion to the fullest as it generates billions of dollars on a yearly basis, and it provides a wide array of product and services. Foods, foods and more foods is the name of the game. OSI Industries is definitely a juggernaut when it comes to this category. This food giant can produce foods such as:

  • Beef Patties
  • Hot dogs
  • Fritters
  • Cooked Sausage Links
  • Fritters
  • Pot Roast
  • Steak
  • Soups
  • Chicken Wings
  • Chili
  • Fruits
  • And more

The options are nearly endless when dealing with this giant. If a client is in need of a personalized type of product, OSI can definitely personify the client’s idea. OSI works exclusively with it clients, and these professionals will develop a product that’s appetizing. Image is everything, especially when dealing with food products, and nobody is going to eat something that doesn’t look good. OSI Industries also specializes in handling the logistical process. This action takes most of the stress away from the client, which is an added bonus. Is there anything that this food provider can’t do?

Some interesting facts to know is that McDonald’s was the company’s first high-profile client, and OSI is one of the biggest independent companies in the US. The British Safety Council has presented OSI Industries with the affluent Globe of Honor Award on multiple occasions. In addition to that, the company has won the food service industry’s International Safety Award.

Rocketship Education Prepares Students for Academic Success

Rocketship consists of a group of charter schools that gives free education to students in elementary school grades. These schools were based out of San Jose, California. The majority of students are eligible for the free lunch program and three fourths of the students primarily speak a language other than English. The schools are located in underserved communities.

Students at Rocketship are provided a structured classroom environment. Students have breaks which allow them to address personal tasks such as go to the restroom. Additionally, there is quiet time for students to allow these elementary school students to rest during the day. The learning environment is based upon the training the teachers received. These policies provide a learning environment that focuses on achievement. The unique environment of each school provides students with a setting that addresses their needs as individuals. Technology is emphasized by Rocketship and students use five programs throughout the day to assist them with various subjects. At Rocketship, students spend time working on computers, spend time with their teachers, and receive interventions.

Rocketship schools are located throughout the United States. These public schools provide students with an education that consists of learning in key areas each day, which include science, technology, engineering , and math (STEM), humanities, enrichment, and learning lab. Students are provided an education that is focused on their needs as individuals. Teachers work to assist students with reaching their potential. Rocketship schools strive to provide students with a high quality education and works to eliminate the disparity in the type of education that is received by students who are not from affluent families.

Parents are active participants in each of the Rocketship schools. They assist in providing a unique environment for each of the schools and select a core value that is specific to their school. Additionally, parents help name the school their children attend. The leaders and teachers visit the homes every fall to develop an awareness of the lives of each student outside of the classroom environment.

OSI Food Solutions has Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner Covered

OSI Food Solutions is one of the leading food producing companies in the world. The company was founded in 1909 by one man who ran the business as a local butcher shop for many years. Nearly 110 years later, their production and distribution facilities operate in many countries. The company is currently staffed by over 20,000 employees.

It is a privately held American company and operates out of its headquarters in Aurora, Illinois. OSI Food Solutions was primarily a meat-based product distributor for many decades. They distribute products and solutions to the food service industry. Their ready to cook, fresh or frozen meat products such as burgers, patties, nuggets, strips, pre-cooked franks, and more help to make food preparation convenient end simple for their customers. The company serves some of the largest food retailers, including Burger King, McDonald’s, Starbucks, Pizza Hut, Subway, and Papa John’s Pizza. Food production for the company now goes well beyond meat, and it includes vegetables, fruits, breads and dough, and assorted condiments. They are equipped to supply the vast majority of food products required by their customers.

OSI Food Solutions has largely expanded its global operations over the course of the last several years. The company has acquired food production companies such as Flagship Europe, Baja Foods, and a Tyson Foods chicken distribution facility. The acquisitions have helped enable OSI Food Solutions to reach its goal of broader European expansion. Additionally, the US based purchase of the Tyson facility has resulted in the company doubling its chicken production that was another corporate goal set by the management team.

The two top level executives of OSI Food Solutions are Chairman and CEO Sheldon Lavin and President and COO David G. McDonald. Other key leaders include CFO and Executive Vice President Bill Weimer, Uwe Rößler, Managing Director, and Senior Vice President Brent Afman.

Learn more: http://www.bundesverband-systemgastronomie.de/osi-food-solutions.html

Freedom Checks Might Be Your Ticket to Retirement

The natural gas and oil companies that make up Master Limited Partnerships are expected to bee big profits this year after the new tax plan was passed that allowed them some significant tax breaks. When these companies pay out the $34.6 billion they are expected to distribute next month, their investors in the United States are expected to be able to enjoy their share of the higher profits. Some of these companies are showing considerably larger returns when compared to other investments with similar levels of risks, as high as 13%.

Matt Badiali has been sharing his knowledge about this interesting type of investment by introducing the concept of Freedom Checks to the world. While the official name for this type of investment isn’t actually Freedom Checks, it’s a catchy label created by the investment expert and geologist Matt Badiali. Freedom Checks are received every quarter and in some cases even every month by people who have chosen to invest into a Master Limited Partnership. These investors can choose to put as little as just $10 into a company in order to start seeing the benefits, but they can also choose to put in as much as they want. With this type of investment, the Freedom Checks are being sent out to the investors because they actually become an owner of a part of the company and thus are entitled to receive part of the profits themselves.

A lot of people are asking why Master Limited Partnerships are willing to send out these considerable checks so often and the answer is relatively simple. By paying out their profits to their many investors in a timely manner, they don’t have to pay taxes on the money that is distributed. They get to control where their money goes. In recent years, oil has not been imported from other countries in the amounts that it used to be, which means that the American oil industry is seeing a considerable boom right now. Matt Badiali expects these Master Limited Partnerships to continue at the impressive rates similar to the ones that they are seeing now.

For details: affiliatedork.com/34-6-billion-freedom-checks

About Dr. Richard Shinto Working to Empower the Influence of InnovaCare

Having earned his bachelor’s of science degree from the University of California and also earning his medical degree from the University of New York and even going a step further getting an MBA from the University of Redlands his skill set and knowledge in education has set Dr. Richard Shinto above many possible candidates for his now role at Innovacare as president and CEO. His initial position was working as a physician first and then specialized in pulmonary medicine, then worked as a pulmonologist in the South of California. He has been able to grow an impressive resume including discussing health care issues and medical practices and clinical medicine in many published articles that have benefited the health care system.


Dr. Richard Shinto joined three other health care professionals when he was added to the Innovacare team and since then has been given all the credit for helping guide the company to greater levels of success.


It seems to have been successful for Innovacare since his inception into the company. Innovacare has been able to dip into other markets as well as improve how they can help deliver benefits to patients. He was hired in the year 2012 and has been able to inspire all employees to give absolutely everything, every single day so they can to make the company a success and to deliver results.


He is proving that success is truly dependent on its leadership and Innovacare has been able to make the average person see more doctors as they allow the affordability of healthcare to reach more people and this has attracted many individuals especially where to Rican residents who previously did not have access to higher levels up medical technology and options that matched great quality of service with lower prices. Now through Innovacare patients will receive medical options that are affordable for over 70% of people with insurance company plans that many canal forward.


Before working as CEO of Innovacare Dr. Richard Shinto had previously earned the Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award and it’s because he had been able to astound the institution with ideas that are both creative and resulted in financial success. Dr. Richard Shinto was beneficial to communities and he humbly accepted the award while currently working as the president and CEO of a company named of Aveta.


Over the years because of his medical expertise, business mindset, and the desire to help people achieve greater health, he has helped guide Innovacare into a prosperous future.


Madison Street Capital and Acquisitions Help

This information was originally available through the PR.com website. Madison Street Capital or MSC is a global investment banking company. It accommodates the requirements of the middle market. It operated as DCG Software Value’s sole financial advisor. DCG Software Value is an international supplier that offers software value management, software estimation assistance and even functional point assessments. DCG Software Value teamed up with the Spitfire Group. This is a technology consulting powerhouse that specializes in business matters. Its primary office is in Denver, Colorado.


Charles Botchway revealed the existence of the deal. He’s Madison Street Capital’s Chief Executive Officer. Jay Rodgers headed the entire thing. Mike Harris is the name of DCG Software Value’s Chief Executive Officer. Mark Richtermeyer, on the other hand, is the name of the Spitfire Group’s Chief Executive Officer. Botchway communicated that the firms have the guidance of highly adept management aficionados. He indicated that he had a super experience collaborating with these forces in the business IT (information technology) sector.


Harris had some words to share regarding the situation as well. He said that he and Richtermeyer are going to collaborate with the capable Madison Street Capital crew in order to figure out techniques that can assist clients who wish to enhance the value of their software. DCG Software Value is a renowned company that has a terrific grasp of software analytics. The Spitfire Group is an established business that relies on advanced technologies as a means of helping individuals who wish to get through serious business dilemmas of all varieties.


Madison Street Capital abides by all sorts of belief patterns on a daily basis. It’s a company that makes sincerity a priority. It’s also one that prioritizes pure achievement in all of its forms. The firm goes out of its way to establish solid businesses that are part of all kinds of American neighborhoods. Its primary office is in the Midwestern metropolis of Chicago in Illinois. Its presence goes far beyond the United States’ Midwestern region, however. Madison Street Capital maintains busy offices in key areas all around the planet. They’re in Asia, Africa and North America. The professionals who are on the Madison Street Capital team have in-depth financial services backgrounds. They know a lot about investment banking that caters to the requirements and requests of the middle market. They know a lot about effective restructuring paths. Valuation is a strong suit for the company as well. This firm has aided clients that are part of varied industries. Its team members consistently assist people who own businesses. It assists owners who are on the lookout for top-quality acquisition opportunities that may be around the corner for them. It assists people with corporate governance, too.


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Stream Energy is a principal direct offering organization and supplier of associated life administrations. Established in 2005, the Dallas-based organization’s creative utilization of direct offering altered the vitality business, producing more than $8 billion in lifetime income in 13 years and changing it into one of the most prominent direct offering organizations in the worldwide vitality advertise.

Stream Services (Wireless Services, Energy Services, Home Services and Protective Services,) work flawlessly together to fit clients’ in a hurried way of life, keeping them associated, wherever they are. Vitality Services are at present accessible in Pennsylvania, Texas, Georgia, Maryland, Washington, D.C., New Jersey, New York, Illinois, Ohio, and Delaware. The majority of Stream’s different administrations are accessible across the country.

Stream Energy a central direct offering organization and supplier of vitality and associated life administrations, held its yearly national gathering, Stream Ignition, in Fort Worth from April 5-7. For More than 4,000 Independent Associates and their visitors went to for a few days of preparing.

They gave $25,000 the previous tumble to the American Red Cross in Dallas with a specific end goal to help the casualties of Hurricane Harvey. What’s more, the families influenced by Hurricane Irma had their long-separate charges dropped for telephone calls made to universal victims outside of the United States. Sea tempest Harvey was felt all through Texas in zones outside of Houston as well. A large number of Stream’s clients live in Houston yet, also, have friends and family and companions somewhere else. It was the organization’s commitment to helping the group that has formed Stream Energy into what it is today.

A walk fifth 2018 article on the Dallas Patch, highlights Stream Energy’s new magnanimity establishment Stream Cares. Stream Energy was one of the leading organizations to help finance the recuperation exertion of Hurricane Harvey; the organization likewise helped their clients with their money-related weights. At the last yearly Splash for Hope occasion, more than 1,000 North Texas destitute youngsters had their extra charges and snacks funded. Stream Energy has likewise been a long-lasting accomplice of Habitat for Humanity, which enables families to fabricate new houses and repair existing homes.




A Company With A Soaring Vision

NexBank Capital, Inc., a leader in financial services, has indelibly become a company with a soaring vision. The Dallas headquartered company just effectively closed a $54 million private note investment venture. The deal took place on September 19th, 2017. Nexbank will insightfully use profits from the venture to deepen its prevalent business infrastructure.

NexBank has accumulated $283 million of debt and equity since 2016. This is a direct result of their recent investment agreement. The investment notes carry quality ratings of BBB with proficient performance outlooks per Kroll Bond Rating Agency-a nationally recognized rating organization. These notes are defined as unregistered securities and were handled by a reputable sole placement agency.

Nexbank Capital, Inc. originated in 1934 in Terrell, Texas. Over the years, the financial institution’s organization has evolved from a Mutual Savings Bank to a Stock Savings Bank. The company strategically organized itself under the alignment of its stockholders. They started as Terrell Federal Savings and Loan Association, then changed its name to Heritage Saving Bank, SSB in 1999. Heritage Bank moved its headquarters to Dallas, Texas in 2004, then ultimately changed its name to NexBank, SSB. It hails as the 11th largest financial institution in Texas.

NexBank offers services to three different business platforms. These include Mortgage Banking, Institutional Banking, and Commercial Banking. Although NexBank provides excellent service capabilities to personal clients, they keenly specialize in servicing business and commercial customers. The clientele consists of, but are not limited to other financial institutions, businesses, and corporations, large non-financial corporations, as well as financial services firms of various size.

Nexbank has a clear vision to help the community as well as to broaden their reach as a thriving business. This is indicative of their commitment to partner with Dallas Neighborhood Homes to help disadvantaged citizens gain home ownership in Southern Dallas. The company has acquired two more brick and mortar locations in Dallas Texas, and have acquired the College Savings Bank. This bank manages 529 student savings programs. The business transaction creates a footprint in the Princeton New Jersey region. It establishes College Savings Bank as a division under the NexBank umbrella, keeping all operational aspects intact. Nexbank expanded its banking portfolio by offering its existing customers an avenue to sound college savings for their families. NexBank looks forward to strong growth and many other sustainable successes in the not too distant future.

In Detroit, Dick DeVos learns hard lessons, helps hometown avoid same fate

When most people hear the name Dick DeVos, they think of Republican politics. While it’s not an entirely unfair association, Republican politics has made up only the tiniest fraction of Dick DeVos’ life and work. Many of the things that he has accomplished far outstrip his close run at the governorship of Michigan in 2006. But these things tend to be lost in the public mind when compared with the massive coverage that his brief dabble into politics generated.


However, almost no one knows of Dick DeVos’ work as an education reformer. In an industry dominated by crackpot theories and the official sanctioning of so-called experts, who are often little more than credentialed shamans, someone like Dick DeVos never gets the recognition he deserves. Yet it was DeVos who personally pioneered the charter-school model that is now favored among crumbling inner-city school systems. DeVos, with his New School, was able to demonstrate that taking the most talented upper quartile of children from run-down and violence-plagued inner-city schools and sequestering them among like-minded and similarly gifted children could produce unheard of academic results. DeVos was able to show that even the worst ghettos in America could produce high-achieving minority students so long as strict segregation by ability and temperament was followed.


But his experiences in inner-city Detroit also shaped DeVos into a hardened realist. He no longer harbored any progressivist fantasies about all students being able to learn and achieve at equal levels. In fact, DeVos recognized that once a city passes a certain threshold of civic decay, even the best and the brightest will be pulled down into the undertow.


It was this unfortunate yet clear-eyed insight that led DeVos to personally take action to save his hometown. In the late 1980s, Grand Rapids, Michigan, was beginning to suffer the same unrest, productive-class flight and urban decay that had been seen in places like Detroit, Flint and Battle Creek two decades earlier. DeVos knew that the city would need to radically change course, or it would risk spiraling down the same drain that had swallowed up Detroit forever.


He formed an organization of the city’s top business leaders. He called his group the Grand Action Committee. Although similar organizations had been tried in other declining rust-belt towns, the Grand Action Committee was led by a man who fully intended to follow through on what the name of his organization implied. DeVos had always been a man of action, eschewing cheap talk and feel-good politics for the hard work of getting things done in the real world. And he was willing to put his own money where his mouth was.


Putting up tens of millions of dollars of his own money, DeVos personally funded the majority of the DeVos Place Convention Center, a sprawling convention complex that ranks second in total floorspace in the entire Midwest region. The center bears his name as a reminder of the considerable effort and risk that DeVos took in bringing the project to fruition. This and the Grand Action Committee’s other projects are widely credited with saving the city from oblivion.


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Boraie Brings New Image To New Brunswick

In the early years of the republic, New Brunswick was an imperative place. Its profitable area with nearness to New York and Philadelphia and in addition its part as a transportation center set up its part in the early years of the United States. In any case, the progression of time was not kind to New Brunswick and the 60’s and 70’s were totally brutal, forgetting consumed structures, frightful tenants and a dismal future.


Sam Boraie went to the banks of New Jersey to seek after a degree in Chemistry amid the terrible days of yore of New Brunswick. Where others saw scourge, he saw potential. Despite the fact that without a foundation in land or development, Mr. Boraie started putting resources into New Brunswick. After some time, he amassed a substantial square of structures downtown and submitted himself to restoring downtown area.


His end-all strategy, exhibited to city administration, was goal-oriented. Not exclusively did he need to modify the appalling structures he had bought, he needed to take life and business back to New Brunswick. He needed individuals to walk the lanes in the nighttimes shopping without dread of robbing; he needed them to live in New Brunswick, go to specialists in New Brunswick and send their youngsters to nearby schools.  Check out statetheatrenj.org



For a long time, Sam has been prepared to have a key impact in the organization. His momentum part incorporates exploring new systems that will enable the organization to develop and all the more rapidly understand its advancement designs. Boraie has never been an organization to think little and the proceeded with renewal of New Brunswick is only one case of that perfect. In view of the enormous plans that incorporate pulling in organizations of all sizes and inhabitants inspired by a city way of life including expanded excitement, feasting and training openings, Boraie Development is looking for huge players to accomplice in the plans.


Charitable Activities


According to NJ Biz, in spite of the fact that personally intrigued by the organization, Sam Boraie is additionally committed to building up the spirit of New Brunswick through humanitarian attempts. He has since quite a while ago filled in as a trustee of the State Theater, situated incredibly in New Brunswick. Live, quality performance center is a basic piece of the Boraie vision, pulling in imagination and development in human expressions to New Jersey.


Mr. Boraie likewise serves on the counseling leading group of Elijah’s Promise. Established as a soup kitchen, Elijah’s Promise has developed to wind up noticeably simply the sort of place you could envision a persevering man like Sam Boraie to energize. This philanthropy still gets ready and disperses for nothing out of pocket more than 300 dinners per day. Past that, they offer pack snacks and advance instruction in the culinary business, preparing bread cooks and gourmet specialists from the group in all parts of sustenance readiness with the goal that they can accommodate themselves and their families.



Click here: http://www.pressofatlanticcity.com/atlanticcitystory/project-brings-market-rate-housing-back-to-atlantic-city/article_83012371-b555-5f8e-9226-89a42625df0d.html