A Look at Services Rendered by Equities First Holdings

Equities First Holding (EFH) is a leading loan provider. It was established in 2002. Over the years, the firm has attained significant growth. EFH recently recorded a growth of $40 million in stock-based loans. The company is ranked as one of the fastest growing businesses in the U.S. They render services to high net worth individuals and enterprises that require non-purpose capital. Equities First has made more than 650 successful transactions since 2002. These transactions amount to over $1.4 billion.

Equities First Holding uses stocks, treasuries, and bonds as collateral to offer alternative finance sources to clients. To secure a loan with the firm, you need to have a certain amount of inventory. You’ll have to submit stocks, which will be used as working capital. When signing up for a stock-based loan, you don’t need to state the intended purpose of the funds because the loan has a non-purpose clause. Hence, you can do anything with the money including settling debts, expanding your business and paying your mortgage. In addition, EFH returns the collateral to the borrower at the end of the loan period. The client also keeps all the dividends.

During the harsh economic crisis, financial institutions increase their interest rates and minimize the amount of money they lend to borrowers. Equities First realized that there was an increased intake of stock-based loans during the harsh economic crisis. Moreover, they realized that people prefer to work with companies that portray the actual nature of the financial industry. This is why they offer unique financial solutions to clients. The company’s loans have great terms such as lower interest rate.

Equities First has achieved a lot in the past decade, and you can still expect more from them. They’ve managed to maintain low interest rates, even during tough economic times. The company has offices in Hong Kong, Australia, Singapore, the U.K and other countries around the world. The firm’s mission is its primary source of motivation. They strive to offer excellent benefits with minimal risks. Additionally, they intend to deliver the desired results of their clients. EFH credits its success to transparency and integrity and read full article.

Other Reference: https://beta.companieshouse.gov.uk/company/08120457

Capital Group’s Top Man

In recent news, the great Warren Buffett himself has been proven wrong in attempts to wager $1 million to charity on betting that he can achieve better investments returns then a team of hedge fund managers through investing in S&P 500 funds for passive index uses. The resulting bet is to be decided this year though Mr. Buffett proves to be ahead of the game. According to Mr. Buffett, there’s too many mediocre and inexpensive funds that are currently shortchanging numerous investors. Although he commits to low-cost, simple investments and long-term solutions, his approach of bottom-up investing has seemed to work for many years. He likes to invest and stay invested.

In a recent shareholder’s letter, he offers wisdom based on his numerous years of experience. CNBC also notes that product labels should be watched out for as is the case in any such industry. Numerous mutual funds offer mediocre or poor long-run returns due to high management fees with excessive trade while volatility risks and costs return.

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Timothy Armour currently serves as Chairman of Capital Group Companies, CEO of Capital Research and Management Company, Inc., and likewise Chairman of the Capital Group Companies Management Committee. He’s also an equities portfolio manager with more than 30 years of investment experience through Capital Group. Years prior, Mr. Tim Armour served as an Equity Investment Analyst for Capital and covered global telecommunications within U.S. service companies. He studied Economics at Middlebury College.

In regards to the Post-Trump market change, Armour comments

“The market has signaled, voted and is running with it. These things are huge and profound, and one has to decide whether you believe it…I think it’s real . . . interest rates have been declining pretty much for my whole career, and my guess is that we’ve seen the bottom.”

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Bruce Levenson Sues

The life of Bruce Levenson is one of great success in turning around an NBA team. However, he actually had a lot of success in business before he even purchased the team, reveals Forbes.com. He is excited about all of the changes that are going on in the industry, and he wants to make sure that he is ready and willing to take on the next challenge in life. Although he is not with the team any longer, he is still embattled in a lawsuit with an insurance company from his time on the team. Bruce Levenson is ready to move on with his life and start doing other things.


When the UCG chairman Bruce Levenson bought the Atlanta Hawks, a lot of people through that he had lost his mind. He is one of the leading people in this area, and he is always excited about what is going to happen when he makes a big business investment. He thought that the team was a good deal for what he was getting. At the time, the team was losing a lot of games and a lot of money at the same time. Bruce Levenson decided to invest in the team and the local community as well. He did this by upgrading the roster on the team, and he made sure that he was going to continue to do so in the future.

Next Steps

In the coming years, Bruce Levenson wants to make sure that he is looking for ways to make a positive impact in the lives of others in many areas. With all of the changes that are starting to take place in his area, he is excited about what the future holds. Not only that, but he wants to make sure that other people are there for him when times get tough.


Immense Help Provided By Securus Technologies To Prisons

The inmates calling facilities being provided by Securus Technologies is revolutionizing the incarceration environment completely. In fact, the facilities are able to improve public safety this way.



I was informed by Securus Technologies about what their customers say about making use of technology to solve and even to prevent crimes from taking place. These refer to the inmate-on-inmate crimes also.



I went through the comments that pour in from formal letters along with emails to Securus Technologies. These are from jail, and prison officials and they come from all across the United States. The senders are those officials whose job is to prevent crimes in prisons as well as solving them. They have to make the incarceration environment better and much safer for all.



I read about how new products and services being developed by Securus Technologies is aiding law enforcement. These are helping the corrections officials to solve as well as prevent crimes from taking place.



Securus Technologies is always ready to inform and educate their clients about what they are doing or developing in order to keep the community, inmates, their families, as well as the parolees safe.



Building safety is the biggest priority for Securus Technologies. They focus on protecting and on serving their clients in innovative ways.



The customers of Securus Technologies appreciate the assistance which they get in criminal cases. They are using information which is collated from phone calls being made by inmates or to inmates. This has also helped in obtaining search warrants for cases of corruption on account of contraband and so on. Hence many cases have been solved this way.



The prison officials need to monitor calls. These may contain information pertaining to alcohol use, or selling of drugs and even drug use inside the facility. Other calls refer to access to a cellular device, or threats and such other suspicious conversation regarding money that is being transferred.


Sawyer Howitt: Next Racquetball Star?

Sawyer Howitt is a second semester senior. He is an entrepreneur and racquetball player. He made it to two racquetball championships, but unfortunately he hasn’t won either one. He is the son of the creator of the Meriwether Group.

The group is a trusted advisor and business acceleration firm serving entrepreneurs of iconic, disruptive consumer brands. People have projected that Sawyer Howitt will be a national racquetball player, because although he lost his two championships, he is a really good racquetball player. He is strongly affiliated with the Racquetball Club of Portland, Oregon. The racquetball club is a private club located in the west hills of Portland. Before Sawyer Howitt joined the racquetball club, he had played for the racquetball team from his high school, Lincoln.

Sawyer Howitt also loves photography, check out some of his work here >>

Sawyer Howitt had improved his skills on his high school team and won many matches he had played for the high school team. People think Sawyer has the potential to represent the nation on the Men’s racquetball team and even get to the point that he would be one of the best racquetball players in the world. Right now though Sawyer Howitt just plays at the Racquetball Club of Portland sometimes with two of his classmates that were 2015 doubles finalists.

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The Ways That Vijay Eswaran Trains his Entrepreneurs

When it comes to Qi Group, one of the most important things that they need for their entrepreneurs is training. They take the time to train their entrepreneurs so that they will know what needs to be done so that they can profit from their business.

Training is a really good thing for people. For one thing, it is through training that people know how to take care of the different aspects of the business so that they will be able to achieve the different goals as needed. According to QBuzz, fortunately, Vijay Eswaran is very eager to train his entrepreneurs and let them in on the secrets to success. Learn more about Vijay Eswaran: https://hk.linkedin.com/in/eswaranvijay

While there are reasons for training, the better thing is to know the different ways to train people. There are a lot of things that Vijay can do in order to train his entrepreneurs. One thing that Vijay Eswaran uses to train his entrepreneurs is the global marketing event method.

This is where Vijay takes the time to use the events to let people in on the secrets that they need in order to succeed in the marketing. There are other methods for training that Vijay uses in order to make sure that people are getting what they need out of it.

One thing that Vijay uses that works is custom training programs. For one thing, he takes the time to get to know his entrepreneurs so that he will be able to come up with something that is very helpful to their training.

Then they will be able to learn what they need to know about marketing and presenting the different aspects of the company to their customers so that they will be interested in doing more business and interacting with the company. Vijay’s company, The QI Group is a really big company that is involved with philanthropy.

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Dato Vijay Eswaran: From taxi driver to worth over $500 million dollars

Equities First Holdings Provides Stock-Based Loans – An Escape Rout from Current Global Economic Uncertainties

There is no gain saying that the current global economy is characterized by all manners of uncertainties. We experience and see them everyday. In fact, you are not one hundred percent sure of what will happen tomorrow. There could be an upward surge or downturn in the economy. These ups and downs leave lending houses fearing to let go their funds in the name of loans. Even when they are willing to lend out, the criteria is often beyond many business persons and organizations. High net-worth individuals also have difficulties coping with the demands of conventional bank loans.

Another uncertainty in today’s global economy is the ever raising interest rates on loans from conventional banks. Borrowers have to be prepared for the unexpected. They are not certain about their financial obligations on loans acquired. Little wonder a good number of them end up defaulting in paying back. Most of the interest rates are simply outrageous leaving one to wonder how some of the borrowers meet up with payment. These high interest rates kill great ideas as people with these ideas never have access to capital to actualize their dreams – one factor inhibiting rapid economic growth.

Hope is not lost; stock-based loans are making up for the deficiencies inherent in conventional bank loans. At the forefront of these campaign is Equities First Holdings. In just 14 years they have revive hundreds of businesses and organizations by making available loans that only require stocks or shares as collateral. Most business persons and organization have stocks in some companies, so it is a requirement within the reach of borrowers. The non-recourse feature of this type of loan reduces the risks involved. It simply means that borrowers can walk away if they could not pay back eventually. They only forfeit the stocks used as collateral in the process and more information click here.

The low interest rates of stock-based loans make them very appealing. Business will thrive when interest rates are within the bracket of 3 to 5 percent. The rates are fixed, so borrowers are not in the dark regarding their financial obligation. Loans acquired can also be used for just any venture, no restriction whatsoever and contact it.

There is no point complaining about the shortcomings of conventional bank loans when an escape rout is available. All that is needed is to put in for stock-based loans from EFH.

Why Beauty Gurus Are Switching To WEN Cleansing Conditioner

If you watch television regularly, you’ve probably seen the commercials for WEN Cleansing Conditioner by Chaz Dean. In the commercials, models with gloriously shiny and voluminous hair talk about how incredible Dean’s product is when it comes to transforming their tresses into strands of glory.

So, does WEN Cleansing Conditioner actually live up to the hype? In fact, it does. With a revolutionary approach to hair care, Chaz Dean has managed to create a product that is capable of restoring hair’s texture and health without the use of harsh chemicals.

The Truth About Commercial Shampoo and Conditioner Products

What many women don’t know is that the ingredients in their favorite shampoo and conditioner products are the cause of all of their hair-related problems. Many hair care brands use ingredients that are extremely drying, leaving hair frizzy, dull and brittle. If you wash your hair with a commercial shampoo every day, imagine how much moisture you are stripping from your hair.

As it turns out, hair is fully capable of keeping itself moisturized. Our hair follicles release natural oils throughout the day that coat each strand. When we apply commercial shampoo and conditioner products to our hair, these oils are stripped away.

Why WEN Cleansing Conditioner Works

WEN Cleansing Conditioner works because of its natural formula. Unlike most hair care products, WEN Cleansing Conditioner does not contain any of these harsh chemicals that leave hair feeling dry and brittle.

Instead, WEN Cleansing Conditioner is loaded with nutrient-rich botanical extracts and plant-based moisturizers that keep hair healthy. Plus, this product’s formula will not strip hair of its natural oils.

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Because of its nutrient-rich formula, one application of WEN Hair Cleansing Conditioner will leave hair noticeably softer, shinier and healthier. Thanks to the healing abilities of this product, you can finally cleanse and hydrate your hair without ever buying a bottle of shampoo again.

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Fast Company Article About EOS Lip Balm

FastCompany in its article “The Untold Story of How Lip Balm Upstart EOS Outdid Chapstick” talked about an unprecedented increase in the sales performance of EOS lip balms over its pioneering Chapstick in the business. The Lip Balm is EOS leading product in sales. The EOS lip balm comes in small sizes and brands with different enticing colors very distinct from other lipsticks. In addition, the balm has delightful flavors women and filled with antioxidant-rich vitamin E soothing shea butter, and jojoba oil. The product lip balm brands resonate with younger women is sold around the world. The major in store in the USA included supermarkets such as Target, Wal-Mart, Costco and many others. Online retailers includes eBay, Lucky Vitamin and Amazon.

Sanjiv Mehra, the Managing Director and co-partner of EOS with vast his experience from Pepsi Cola and Unilever teamed with Jonathan Teller and Craig Dubitsky and successfully created a well-thought idea that brought a shake up the beauty aisle in supermarkets. In their research, the EOS founders found many young women tremendously used the product as part of their beauty enhancement. They learned that tube like lip balm was not easy to find when kept in handbags, and women preferred the pot like lip balm that was easy to retrieve from their bags. The users do not also like to apply the balm with their fingers for unhygienic reasons.

EOS Lip Balms domination in the beauty market was an unintended consequence because the owners provided less information about the product to the public but rather focused their attention on creating products and distributing them. The name of the company “Evolution of Smooth” attracted the attention of market watchers due to its high volume sales and its quality organic products that were in sharply contrasted with the cylindrical tube of Chapstick.

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Julie Zuckerberg Leads Innovation In Recruiting

Julie Zuckerberg of Deutsche Bank is known for implementing innovation in recruiting. The Executive Talent Acquisition Lead of the bank is accredited with bringing the best talents to the firm, with respect it wide and diverse requirements. In her current role, she collaborates with different business leaders of various verticals including Private Wealth & Commercial Clients, Global Technology & Operations, and Asset Management, to plan and execute strategies on recruitments to these verticals. She takes active role in offers and negotiations of Managing Director level recruitments to various business divisions by consulting with material risk takers and function stakeholders. She also leads the team of recruiters by providing them strategic guidance and coaching for sources and other recruiting coordinators. She also counsels the leadership of the firm and executive committees by providing various recruitment strategies that are bringing the best talents into the firm. She ensures that the firm is rightly projecting itself as a great place to work through various activities including employee engagement, management initiatives, and options for advancing in career.


Before being promoted to the current role, Julie was working as Vice President and Executive Recruiter in the bank with various responsibilities. She had been working with business partners and hiring managers, and conducted full-cycle recruitment process for Director and Managing Director level recruits of various verticals including Audit, Finance, Investor Relations, US Compliance, Legal etc. She also ensured smooth transition of internal mobility between various teams by consulting with the managers. She provided guidance on various sourcing strategies including agency engagement, search firm, direct recruitment, networking methods, etc. She took care of the contract management with external agencies, sourcing firms, search firms etc., and ensured proper and sufficient supply of talent pool with respect to the requirements. She worked with various departments to make sure that they follow various regulatory requirements, and designed and implemented if required any. She started her career with Hudson as the Director of Candidate Placement with responsibilities of recruiting case managers, attorneys, support staff etc., for various clients. She educated the employees about various opportunities in the firm, benefits, and working conditions. Later she joined with Citi as Vice President and Executive recruiter with primary responsibilities. It includes managing recruitments at business leadership level, advising recruitment strategies to various business leaders, initiating and managing various complex job offers, sourcing global talents considering the requirements, and managing different search and sourcing firms. She also worked with New York Life Insurance Company for four months before joining Deutsche Bank.


While coming to her education, Julie Zuckerberg completed her graduation in Philosophy from Brooklyn College – City University of New York. She also completed her J.D. from New York Law School. She is a fitness enthusiast and loves running and cycling. She invests her spare time in arts, photography, and technology news. She shows her support on human rights, animal welfare, and civil rights activism including campaigns. She collaborates with other recruiters from various industries to give campaigns and coaching on various opportunities, to the aspiring job seekers across the country.